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Welcome to Flightgear.ch!

This site has been created by four collectors located in Switzerland who combined their efforts and material in order to show what is hopefully an interesting array of flightgear from different countries and eras.

Uella Socci!

The main purpose of this website is to create interest among collectors, thus enabling them to share ideas and discussions about this broad topic.

This site is still far from being complete. We are doing our best to keep it alive by constantly adding updates. Any ideas and additional information from your side are most welcome! We are well aware that this site may contain errors and misjudgements, both technical and historical, so feel free to let us know your comments and corrections in order to improve the quality.

We often hear stories of neglected clothing and equipment deteriorating through lack of care, attention, or interest. If you have such a piece at home, do get in touch with us: we guarantee to give it first-class accommodation! It can perhaps be restored and shown to other collectors and enthusiasts via this webpage. We are an amateur, non-profit group; and if you would like to donate any items, we would love to hear from you! We have limited funds for acquisitions and we are happy to make a sensible offer for the right items. While they may be a piece of old junk to you, they could be our lifeblood here!

Some of the descriptions are based on information from the book "Vintage Flying Helmets" by Mick J. Prodger (Schiffer Pub. Ltd.) - with the kind permission from the author.

Enjoy your visit!

Boris, Chrigu, Nick and Juerg